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movement and collision listeners?


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Hi. I need to be able to track when some objects of my scene are in movement (or stopped) and when they collide with a certain type of other objects. How can I achieve that? Is there any movement and collision event listeners already implemented that I can use?

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Indeed there is a collision system in BabylonJS, here is the tutorial : http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Intersect_Collisions_-_mesh

You even have a predefined playground you can play with ! http://playground.babylonjs.com/?10

Do not hesitate to go back here if you have any questions about collisions. have fun :)

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@ramsestom - I like the answer that @Pouet provided, however if you are asking if there is a way to detect movement within a space devoid of collision objects, then this is a great question and I would like to know this as well. As collisions are an obvious solution, I thought I might clarify what you are asking - otherwise, this is a question in which I would love to know the answer.

There are functions to compare changes between frames on a 2D level such as http://www.sw-engineering-candies.com/blog-1/extremely-fast-and-simple-webgl-motion-detector-to-rotate-3d-graphic 

But perhaps there is a way to use a camera and it's FOV matrix to dectect movement in a single frame? Now this would be interesting and valuable if it exists.


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