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I have something that three js uses called an alpha map but I can not find an equivalent in the babylon world. Its a black and while alpha channel map that is used with a UV map. Is there such a thing? I know there are bump maps. 

I saw nothing like it. 



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I only have so much time so I gave up on it. I just combined the UV image with the alpha image via photoshop and used that.

It was for my ThreeJs importer I have been working on. Which I have pushed as far as I am going to. 

It works pretty easy although there is some manual things to do to get it to work. 

Place the name of the model as in import. 

 <script src="models/StraddleCarrier/StraddleCarrier_StructureB.js"></script>

Modify the model making by adding Var name of model at the start of the file. 

Then you load  it. I tested it for UV mapped models. Thats about it. 

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