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Library for turn based strategy game


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I started building turn based strategy game, pretty risk like. I started working with raphael.js because I don't need something fancy from game engines, everything I need is to draw a map.

And I need few tips from somebody who worked on this type of games. Is there some other library that's better for this from raphael?

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Are you after a full-fledged game library? Or you just need the renderer?

If just the renderer ->

Raphael is old-school as the renderer but its been superseded by a number of SVG projects more recently, and by that, I mean there are faster SVG libs with cleaner API's, such as svg.js and snapsvg. (a quick google search also threw up vivus, which sounds interesting, I've no idea if it is actually decent or not though).

If you're really after svg performance and API clarity then d3 is your go to. It's a graph renderer primarily but its super speedy and the chaps working on it are extremely good devs, and its got a big community.

If you're after webgl or image based rendering then pixi (used by Phaser) is superb, very fast with a clean, intuitive API. I've also played around with two.js in the past and liked its simplicity. 

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