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Canvas2D is 100 items limit?


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16 minutes ago, cx20 said:

I have just tried Canvas2D.


I was hoped to be made dot picture of 16x16 (= 256 items) in Canvas2D.

However, a square that can be displayed in Canvas2D was 100 items.

Is this a limit?

If usage is wrong, I'm sorry.

I'm on it, I'll tell you as soon as I know. This playground seem to work fine with a high count of primitives: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#OWCCR#8

But the bug you describe reminds me of an issue I got in the past and that I fixed, maybe it's still there.

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Ok, my bad...There's a bug, with such count of object I don't compute the Z-Order correctly, it's a limitation I was aware of, but still don't understand why the PG I mentioned above works and yours don't.

Anyway, there's a simple hack to make it work for you, I've fork you sample with the solution: http://jsdo.it/nockawa/IJ9p

rect.zOrder = 0.5;

Basically just override the Z of the prim (as they're all not overlapping, it's ok to do that), by setting a value like 0.5 (0 being displayed first, 1.0 being displayed on the top of everything).

It's a bug for me to fix, I'll do it asap, again, I was aware of it and should have communicate about it. Sorry for that.

Great stuff by the way!

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