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Looped Timer with action every second?


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Hi everyone.

I have the looped timer :

timer = this.game.time.create(false);
timer.loop(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 3, this.endTimer, this);

Everything works good, but i want to play sound every ticked second, how to implement this?

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Use a simple setInterval to loop your sound. It'll play every 1000ms. To stop playing the sound, use clearInterval. Note that you might have to set your looping parameter to false when you add the sound to the game.

}, 1000);


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Thanks @DevJ, but i found better solution based on time delta (thanks to @Str1ngS);
So, At the start of game i'm create a variable of current time

var tick = game.time.now;

Then at the update func. i'm checking the time delta
var tick = this.game.time.now;

if (game.time.now - tick > 100) {
 tick = game.time.now;


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