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Easeljs - Mask or Subtract Front Shape


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I have not yet worked with the alpha filters but for a normal mask I don't think there is an easy way of doing it. I would probably have made the inverted mask in Flash IDE and then exported it with Toolkit For CreateJS. That is, the exported mask would be a big rectangle with a cut out circle in the middle. A 100x100 rect with a 33 diameter circle in the middle produces the following code:

this.shape = new cjs.Shape();


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Thank you so much for creating that example! I didn't even think about using Adobe Animate (Adobe Flash) first haha

I did some research and found another possible solution with the help of 'caching' http://jsfiddle.net/lannymcnie/17xec9y5/9/

Apparently containers have the ability to utilize updateCache("destination-out") to 'erase' pixels in the cache:

// Listen for the image load
testImg.image.onload = function() {
    cont.updateCache("source-over"); // Update cache once
    cont.removeChild(testImg); // Remove image

    stage.update(); // Draw the stage to see the image

// Create a sub-container that will hold the art and image 
var cont = stage.addChild(new c.Container());
art = new c.Shape(); // Art is just the shape
cont.cache(0,0,600,400); // Cache the container instead
cont.addChild(testImg, art);

// Then, later update the container's cache (instead of the art)
cont.updateCache(erase.checked ? "destination-out" : "source-over");

I'll see which one works best, thanks again!

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