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Chrome or device? Google says: buy a new one!


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I´ve seen that the last Google Chrome Update for Android made a lot of people unhappy:

too much bugs, scrolling problems, too slow, memory full etc..


Most of these users had older devices. Now my question: Is it possibile that Google slows you down 

after a few month and they let you think that it is your tablet or phone? I think so.


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I don't think so. It's certainly possible, it's called planned obscelence and there are plenty of examples of it but usually in much more subtle ways. If it's blatant these stories have a way of being leaked, especially in a transparent, digital industry.. The potential damage to the reputation of a company is just not worth it.


That and, companies typically spend lots of effort to make sure their products stay fast for at least the first two years, otherwise their customers will just switch brands rather than upgrade within the same brand. And anyone who knows anything about marketing, in particular the concept of customer lifetime value, knows that brand loyalty is extremely valuable.


It's more likely Chrome added a whole bunch of features that make the browser more cpu/memory hungry, that the first version of an update is never the most optimized, that devices slowly clog up over time and that your components are degrading slowly, in particular the battery, purely due to the basic chemistry of a battery.

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