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cocoon blank white screen


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Quick question - I am in the process of creating my first game / app (http://www.html5gamer.mobi/PIXI/TEMPLATE1/index.html) with PIXI and when I run it in windows and browers everything is fine, when I use phonegap and build it I can run it on my samsung note3 (Android version 5), but not my galaxy tabs (tab10.1 ( Android version 4.0.4) and tab 3 (Android version 4.4.2 ), I just get a white screen. (I havent tried an Apple device as I dont have a developer account to test it)

When I use cocoon I get a white screen on all 3 devices, I have tried :




but no joy - has anyone else experienced this problem

thanks in advance


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Hi Ivan,

I have done up a very basic demo script, this will now work in my older android tablet  v4.4, but only in CanvasRenderer not WebGLRenderer. But the frame rate is terrible, is there a way around this or is version v5 tablets the only solution, I dont want to eliminate my older system users ?

var Container = PIXI.Container,
    autoDetectRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer,
    Graphics = PIXI.Graphics,
    Sprite = PIXI.Sprite,
    MovieClip = PIXI.extras.MovieClip,
    TilingSprite = PIXI.extras.TilingSprite,
    loader = PIXI.loader,
    resources = PIXI.loader.resources,
    Text = PIXI.Text;
    TextureCache = PIXI.utils.TextureCache,
    Texture = PIXI.Texture,
    BitmapText = PIXI.extras.BitmapText,
    w = 1024,//window.innerWidth,
    h = 512; //window.innerHeight;    
//Create a Pixi stage and renderer
var stage = new Container(),
    renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(w, h);

// create a texture from an image path
var texture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage('images/blade.png');

// create a new Sprite using the texture
var bunny = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);

// center the sprite's anchor point
bunny.anchor.x = 0.5;
bunny.anchor.y = 0.5;

// move the sprite to the center of the screen
bunny.position.x = 200;
bunny.position.y = 150;


// start animating
function animate() {

    // just for fun, let's rotate mr rabbit a little
    bunny.rotation += 0.1;

    // render the container

Thanks in adavnce


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yep I tried both settings in cocoon (webGL+ and cavas), I seem to get a better working app using phonegap - it actually shows the stage, with cocoon I just get a white screen.

I suppose both technologies are young enough - pixi and cocoon / phonegap, Maybe I will have to sacrifice below android v5 systems for a game app to run correctly.

Thanks for all the help it is appreciated


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