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Increased Y axis on arcRotateCamera.target = moving mesh.


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Hi all,

i'm trying to find a good way to set a arcRotateCamera.target / setTarget() with an increased height on the Y axis, on a moving target..

right now, it "focuses" on the bottom of the mesh, i'd like it to focus on the top of the mesh, but changing the Y axis while still following the target isn't as easy as i'd hoped..

I've tried:

camera.target = movingMesh; // follows the target correctly, but the y axis focus is around ground level, at the bottom of the mesh.
camera.target.y += 5; // does nothing when target is set to a mesh as above^.

camera.target = new BABYLON.Vector3(movingMesh.position.x, movingMesh.position.y + 5, movingMesh.position.z); // now the Y axis looks good, but it doesn't follow the target..

camera.target = movingMesh.position; //follows the target correctly..
camera.target.y += 5; //Still focusing the bottom of the mesh, now the entire movingMesh is moved upwards on the Y axis by 5.. as if you set movingMesh.position.y += 5;

//Even tried editting the babaylonJs source code to apply the height change as target is being set. 
//but it also increase the Y position of the movingMesh instead of the target y axis of the camera..  

//same happens for camera.setTarget()..

I hope someone knows, or have a good idea as to how it can be done.

and preferably without adding it to any kind of loop if possible, i know it can be done by updating the target x/y/z or vector3 in registerBeforeRender, but it appears rather choppy sometimes, even at 60 fps it is notiseable.


PG: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#24IFYG

Cheers for any help and ideas!

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Thanks for your reply, already tried that and it appeared alittle choppy on my scene from time to time,
But i suppose it will have to do for now, and copyFrom seems to work slightly better than mesh.position.clone() which i used.. better than before atleast :)


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