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Primitives, Circle, Rectangle - not working


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First of all thanks for a great engine.


This should be very basic,

I would expect that i could make a circle or a rectangle like this:

var circle = new PIXI.Circle(10,10,50)stage.addChild(circle))
but that throws the following error:
  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '_iPrev' of undefined pixi.js:1324
    1. PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.addChildpixi.js:1324
    2. (anonymous function)index.html:36
  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_iNext' of undefined pixi.js:5712
    1. PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.addDisplayObjectAndChildrenpixi.js:5712
    2. PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.setRenderablepixi.js:5282
    3. PIXI.WebGLRenderer.renderpixi.js:4441
    4. animate
The only way that works for me is like this, which seem like a work around.
var g = new PIXI.Graphics()
g.beginFill(0xFFCC00, 1)

If everything works as intended i am missing a comment/hint in the code that they shoud not be instantiated directly.


Thanks again for a great engine.





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