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How works the FBX Exporter???


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I may not fully understand the question. There's nothing to prepare unless you are setting shape keys or some function like this. Otherwise, FBX is highly compatible for practically every element in a scene, and if you need to edit the FBX file further, it's really simple to read an ASCII FBX file and edit if you need.

So there should be nothing else to do if you are exporting to a .babylon file for export. If you have any issues or I don't understand the question, then @JCPalmer who writes the .babylon exporter for Blender should be able to help you.

I also highly recommend downloading the free FBX converter and viewer. But if you need to know what is supported, please post, and someone can help. Otherwise, FBX is the most versatile file format to transfer practically every aspect of a scene with the exception of constraints. So there shouldn't be anything to do except import FBX and export directly to .babylon.


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