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Trying to use Bulletml framework on Phaser


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After some research on Internet how to make bullet hell game with Phaser, no good tutorial found, so I decided to use 3rd framework, then I found bulletml.js, so I give it a try, running 3rd demo, work great. (3rd one is orginal, no dependency, also, bunch of Japanese in comment and on github page, maybe I should learn it...).

So I tried to modify it without Phaser, work great too. :D

After saw what it can do, I tried to make it work with Phaser, little hard for me to understand demo's code (I'm still a beginner). :mellow:

So I tried, got error: Uncaught TypeError: this.onTextureUpdate is not a function and a bunch of warning. :( 

Anybody know why or it is impossible to do, or maybe suggestion on tutorial? :wacko:

(Also, Rich, can you consider use bulletml.js into Phaser.Weapon or Phaser.Bullet or Phaser.Particle or else? :) )

(Sorry for bad english :unsure: )

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