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Video Texture keeps loading mp4 when looping


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No from Cache means its loaded from the Cache of your Browser (like Computer Ram) this video is huge so you have to wait til its fully downloaded, then if you press Run playground again, the video will not be downloaded , it runs from the cache of your browser, thats a good thing, course it speeds things up.

But now, if you start downloading and the press Run playground again, before its fully downloaded, and watch this video just a bit longer before you hit Run playground again, it has to download the next block, til at some point its fully downloaded.

Also its not fully download at once, just prebuffer (preload) some frames/seconds, when the user still keep watching the video, it again pre -buffer some frames.

My explanation is not very good, maybe, but i'm sure if you think about it, it become more clearer. Just pay attention to, what you are doing to produce this bug.  


chache video.JPG

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Deltakosh, I'm getting the same issue when I view the network tab in my chrome devtools.  I'm a bit new to reading this network tab but I think I've figure out what's going on.  Under "size" in all the screenshots above, it lists "from cache" for every row after the first.  In your screenshot, there's only one row.  Is there a setting somewhere that you're using that consolidates extra rows that are similar?  I'm willing to bet this isn't a bug but rather a devtools feature that we must be unfamiliar with.

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$( "#editorButton" ).on( "click", function( event ) {
document.getElementById("editorButton").onclick = function () {

i'm using this while working with playground and video and on chrome, maybe its helpful.

this removes the head from the browser, and force it to reload again

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About the fact that DK doesn't have more than one line - this is due to the simple fact that he didn't download the entire file :)

This behavior is expected. The film will loop from cache after it was completely downloaded (and ended, of course). As already said, when the dev tools are open, you can disable cache, and this is where things get interesting, because the dev tools can disable cache.

One thing I cannot really explain without investigating - why you ALL have different download size :) one 195 B, one 1.4M, ond 1.5M one 4.2 M , so much fun. The file, BTW, is much larger.

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