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Blender Number of Verts vs Babylon Export Vertices


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Can anybody explain me why blender model shows for example 490 verts but bayblon export file in bayblon import meshes has 562 Vertices?
(It is just default cube and default sphere create with blender. 


I have some model which have in blender around 2.027 but babylon (debug) after importing shows 22.776 ? (this is huge differences.)

There are no double vertices, because I clean all doubles in blender!

Why those differences of vertices between blender and babylon 3D environment ???


Please explain me what is happening here?


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Might be partly a definition difference.  In BJS, a vertex is a combination position / normal / uvs1 -6 / material / vertex color / matrix weight & index / matrix weight extra & index extra.  Materials also cause ordering differences, so that sub-meshes are contiguous.

Blender, I believe it is just positions.  Multi-materials duplicate all border vertices.  Faces might be a better comparison.  In BJS, this should be the length of the index / 3.  The index length is listed the export log file.

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