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Sending PHP data to PIXI Javascript


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I have a small PHP script that pulls some data out of a database. There are two parts to the data, a string variable and an integer. (ex: Chevy 22.55)

I want to pass these to PIXI Javascript in order to display them like this:



Note:  No space after Chevy.  I don't know why posts are double spaced in this forum?



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2 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

Well, first step is to learn javascript for a day. Then you'll come to solution :) Unless you already did that and have a solution that somehow is not working, which we actually can help you with.

Learning JS will not tell me how to pass data from PHP to Javascript.  I've taken multiple Javascript tutorials.  Not one mention of PHP.

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Ah, so that's ajax problem.

loader.add('mylevel', '/scripts/stuff.php');
loader.load(function(loader, resources) {
    parseLevel(resources.mylevel.data); //or .text, i really dont remember, please look in this object what it gives you;

Loader is the same as for your resources: https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi#displaying-sprites

If you want to load new level after you already called "load", please just do 

loader.add('mylevel2', '/scripts/stuff.php?id=2', function(loader, resource) {
    parseLevel(resource.data); //or .text, i really dont remember, please look in this object what it gives you;

and parseLevel is your function that makes level from that txt stuff

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Maybe is about php and java browser how is working.

Youu have a start here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25093905/when-and-where-does-javascript-run-how-about-php-can-i-combine-the-two

Also depends the structure of data over browser or server communication.

This is my opinion. I'm not very good of that. Nice question. :)


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1 hour ago, Rayj said:

I think using JSON.encode is doing the trick for me.

Now have to figure out how to make my code reiterative.  The integer will be changing fairly often.

OK, now we have an information we didnt have before: you need update it in realtime, and not just per stage or per level. Find a comet library for PHP and JS.

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