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Use Babylon Animations or not?


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Scenario: I want to move a mesh along the z axis.

Option 1: set up a Babylon Animation using keys etc to move the mesh to desired position

Option 2: update the meshes position.z (+1 or -1) in the render loop until the desired position

Question: Which of these options would be the most CPU intensive? Is there something special about Babylon Animations that make them worth using over option 2?



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I think either way your CPU won't feel a thing unless you have a million of them every frame.

If you're only going to move along an axis linearly you might as well just use the render loop and increment.

If you want to execute more complex movements using tweens, ease in/out, trigger functions when an animation is over, loop, etc then it'll probably be easier (and readable) to use the animations.


My Babylon newbie opinion :)

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