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Load sounds, after the game started


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Hi, in not so far past, there was ugly bug in Chrome for Android, where decoding of music took ages. So, in my games I loaded only short intro music in preloader and rest of the music was loaded on background during gameplay.

Here is class (Typescript) I used for it. I had musics named Music0 to Music3 (value of Global.MAX_MUSIC = 4) What it does is: it creates new Phaser.Loader in conctructor. When I call loadMusic, it adds all music files to loader and starts loading. Whenever file is loaded, it calls onFileLoaded callback in which I can do whatever I need with fresh loaded file. In game I am playing all musics one after another starting from random one. Last method returns name of music to play - it checks whether it is loaded and decoded - it either return next music or any music available for playing or in worst case null if no music is ready.

module Shards {

    export class MusicManager {

        private _game: Phaser.Game;
        private _loader: Phaser.Loader;

        private _musicToPlay: number;

        // -------------------------------------------------------------------------
        public constructor(game: Phaser.Game) {
            this._game = game;
            this._loader = new Phaser.Loader(game);

            this._musicToPlay = -1;

        // -------------------------------------------------------------------------
        public loadMusic(): void {
            // load music
            var path = "assets/";
            for (var i = 0; i < Global.MAX_MUSIC; i++) {
                var music = "Music" + i;
                console.log("loading music ..." + music);

                /* if (this.game.device.ie && this.game.device.ieVersion <= 10) {
                    this._loader.audio(music, [path + music + ".mp3"]);
                } else */ {
                    this._loader.audio(music, [path + music + ".ogg", path + music + ".m4a"]);

            this._loader.onFileComplete.add(this.onFileComplete, this);

        // -------------------------------------------------------------------------
        public onFileComplete(progress: number, cacheKey: string, success: boolean, totalLoaded: number, totalFiles: number): void {
            //console.log("file loaded " + cacheKey + " adding to audio");

            var music = this._game.add.audio(cacheKey);
            Utils.AudioUtils.addMusic(cacheKey, music);

        // -------------------------------------------------------------------------
        public getMusic(): string {
            var index = this._musicToPlay;
            if (index === -1) {
                index = this._game.rnd.integerInRange(0, Global.MAX_MUSIC - 1);
                this._musicToPlay = index;

            do {
                var musicName = "Music" + index;
                console.log("request to play music ..." + musicName);

                if (this._game.cache.getSound(musicName) && this._game.cache.isSoundDecoded(musicName)) {
                    // index for next music
                    this._musicToPlay = (index + 1) % Global.MAX_MUSIC;
                    console.log("returning music " + musicName);
                    return musicName;

                index = (index + 1) % Global.MAX_MUSIC;
            } while (index !== this._musicToPlay);

            return null;


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