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ParticleSystem Blendmode ?


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Hi, I'm making new game and need visualize some effect with ParticleSystem blendmode. It's seem that we have some blending option here: https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/How_to_use_Blend_Modes 

But it's for mesh only and just two option for ParticleSystem: BLENDMODE_ONEONE, or BLENDMODE_STANDARD 

So how can I apply Mesh blendMode option to ParticleSystem ?

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hehe.  I think tranlong wanted to know WHY only 2 blend modes. Standard mesh have 6 modes.  This doc is also pertinent.  Particles... are different.  Special.  :)  They are all part of a single "thing".  A ground grid that has had its cells... separated.  :)

Our SolidParticleSystem might have more options for z-order/depth/blending.  Not sure.

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