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Arcade physics, sprite.body.setCircle is not a function?


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So I've just learned, from the example on phaser.io, that you can set your sprite body to be a circle instead of a rectangle. This is exactly what I need. But when I tried it in my own code, I get an exception, and the Chrome debugger tells me that setCircle is not a function. The example on phaser.io works, so I figure I'll paste it into a js file on my own machine, and play with it to figure out why it works while mine fails. But the example won't run on my machine either, for the same reason: setCircle is not a function, at least according to Chrome. I forked my phaser lib from github, and I see setCircle there in the code, so I don't get it. And I did a git pull, so I'm up to date. I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

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