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Parallax Mapping requirements

DigiHz Data

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I have been testing parallax with the standard material, and it is so cool.

Documentation is here: https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Using_parallax_mapping

My question is.....

To use the parallax, It is required to have a diffuse texture in the material?

(I have been testing around, and it seams to only work when having a diffuse texture in the material).

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Hi DD.  Go ahead and do that addition... good idea.  Welcome to the docs team!  Thanks for joining!  GitHub accounts start at the low low price of free.


There it is, waiting for your edit... calling your name.  "DD!  DD!  Fix me!"  ;)

Do the edit, make the pull request, hope it gets merge-approved, and then as soon as a new docs-build happens, it gets converted to HTML and appears on the website!

Yay!  Docs-contributor @DigiHz Data... super-hero!  :)

While you are there, could you fix @Nockawa's spelling of "tutorial" near the bottom?  thx!

(Do I seem to be begging for docs editing staff?  If so, good, because I am doing exactly that.)  heh

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