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Tagging in Blender


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Hi @Cosmack, welcome to the BabylonJS forum.  Sorry for the slow replies.

Have you done some testing?

We have a tags system, as you likely know.  But a search in Blender docs for "tags"... returns nothing.

Can you give us more info?


No mention of tags or custom properties in there.

Here is a seriously detailed document about the fancy Tower of Babel exporter for Blender.


SOME talk of custom properties, but nothing obviously pertinent.

Also, back at the Blender Quickstart page... In the category "The Blender/Python API can’t (yet)"...

Assign custom properties to every type.

Currently, it seems custom properties are most often used on Blender data objects.


Again, sorry for the slow (and possibly disappointing) reply.  Perhaps others have more/better info.

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There is a Place on the Data properties of Meshes, cameras, armatures, & lights for users to add their custom properties, which are saved in the Blend file.  Tags are likely processed if found in a .BABYLON file though I have not checked.  Nor do I know how to identify custom properties in Python other than the ones defined by the addon.  Those ones I already know the name of.

The ID field of meshes is not really used in Blender exports.  You could edit a .babylon file, and place any value you wish, but you will need to redo this every export.

I would just give your meshes unique names.  Make a named array / dictionary in Java script somewhere.  Put values in the dictionary for each mesh.

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