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Bad performance


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i´m creating an editor to make printable shirts and I  use three js with pixi js. My objects like shirt or cup is in three js and workplace like canvas, where I can edit everything is from PIXI. And that is a problem I think so. My container has dimensions like 4000x4000 ... I know, its huge, Buut there is no a lots of object, so where can be problem with performance? This is highly in Firefox, where in smallest texture (product stone15) is FPS about 2-7..... Its horrible low! 


What I´m doing wrong and how I can fix it to make better performance mainly in Chrome and Firefox?


This product is little bit better http://localhost:8080/index.html?product=stone15

This is really horrible in both chrome and firefox: http://localhost:8080/?product=tricko_polyester_unisex

This is good in chrome but bad in firefox: http://localhost:8080/?product=cup&type=white


Here you can find my sources



Thank you for your response and I´ll be refund you if you can help me! :)

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two steps: optimize your website and fill with correct resurces:

- you have a lot of javascripts to much for me;

- if you need to fix Pixi.js then is not 3D is more like 2D;

- also is on Slovakian language website - so the demo is not allow for many people (try english comment on github);

- you use svg and some of this is largest icons and need lineup with modal windows;

- you can try something like this topic ( I test it with 4000px and works - not great but works for cube):

- another way only 3D javascrip like: three;

Any idea about this issue ?



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