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p2 complex ground shape


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Hey there

So, this is my first post in here, i hope everybody is good out there, let's go straight into the issue.


I'm new to Phaser.io, and I'm intending to use it to create a hill climber clone. I have successfully create car like shapes (following a couple of online tutos) but still very confused about how to create the land on which the car will run. To make it clearer, here's an illustration of what i exactly want:


So basically, the original game introduces 2+ types of ground, that are the bridges, land, water, ...

I need to implement only two types.

I know how to "materialize" the body and everything that should go after i declare them, which is my problem.

On Phaser.io examples page there's quiet half the solution to my problem but uses Box2D which is paid (and i can afford it right now, else, i would love to get it!)



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