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Problem with tileset - black screen only.


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I have problem with tileset. When i load spritesheet from http://opengameart.org/content/platformer-art-deluxe i saw only black screen with player sprite.


But when i use spritesheet from Phaser example all work fine.


I tested it on sources from example (http://gametest.mobi/phaser/examples/_site/view_full.html?d=games&f=starstruck.js&t=starstruck)


Someone have a idea ?

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Have you adjusted the load calls to give it the new tile sizes? Have a look in the dev tools console, you'll probably see a load error in there.


I have 200 OK status for loaded spritesheet in console (Network in Chrome), in JS console i don't have any errors.


I think that i set correct tile sizes:


game.load.tileset('tiles', 'images/spritesheet.png', 70, 70, -1, 0, 2);

I try many ways and all time is this same ;/




I found problem.


Multiple of all tiles with spacing was not equal 914 (image width) so was never fulfilled the condition in line 39533 (x === width).

So tileset phaser considered that i have tiles in one line ;)


Thanks for help ! :)

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