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Dropbox discontinuing rendering of HTML content


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Hi Alexis,

We’re writing to let you know that we’ll be discontinuing the ability to render HTML content in-browser via shared links or Public Folder. If you're using Dropbox shared links to host HTML files for a website, the content will no longer display in-browser.

Please note that this change will take effect for your account on October 3, 2016, and only impacts how shared files are displayed on the web. Your files will remain safe in Dropbox.

Thanks for being a loyal Dropbox user.

- The Dropbox Team

If I am reading this correctly this will mean that as of October 3 I can no longer use Dropbox as my host for HTML5 games(?). Does anyone has an alternative to this that is just as easy? Maybe Google Drive or One Drive? I really don't care about what is best, optimal, standard, etc. I am looking for easy. Dropbox was easy. Just put the game in a folder on the public folder and share the link to the index.html. Easy. Anything on that line of ease should be just fine. Preferably free but a paid service with a relatively small fee should do it too.


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I use Amazon Web Services.   Their static hosting(route 53 and S3, because AWS naming is dumb) costs me a buck and a penny a month.  1 million queries costs 40 cents, and each zone costs 50 cents(tutorial will set you up with 2 zones one for your web site one to log the IP addresses that access it).

EDIT:  not quite as easy but it's still less than a an hour to set up, with the only annoying part is that you get other options tossed in your face when you just want to access the file system(S3)

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Google Drive also shut down their HTML serving this month.  Another one to consider is Google's Firebase ... hosting is pretty easy ... (if you've already got Node installed).  Took me less than 20 mins to move 4 games from Dropbox to Firebase, and it got me thinking about their bigger platform (authentication and database).

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