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Sprites glitching on some samsung devices


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I have a game up at http://frickinzombies.io/single.php

The game plays well on a desktop PC in either Chrome or Firefox and the sprites and background scrolling works as expected.

But I have two Samsung devices that have two different issues. On each device I'm testing in the Chrome browser

On my cheap Samsung J1 Ace Phone. Some of the blood splatter sprites flash black when they should be red. Also the smoke grenade particles also appear black when they should be orange. The TilingSprite grassy background displays properly.

On my older Galaxy Tab 4 (about 3 years old) All of the sprites work properly but  the TilingSprite background can only be seen for about 1 frame every 2 seconds or so. There's also some very bad glitches where segments of the screen flicker for no apparent reason every few seconds or so.

Ive attached my render and particles code (not very tidy at this stage). The rest is minified and can be viewed at: http://frickinzombies.io/scripts/fzsp.min.js

There must be a workaround for these issues. I hope someone with Samsung devices (or other) can try it out and perhaps offer suggestions that might fix it.

PS. There's a multiplayer version of this game at http://frickinzombies.io/ but that's not really ready for too many players just yet.




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