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Beginner here. What's the simplest way to involve mousewheel and keyboard events?


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I would like to be able to refer to cursor.position.x and cursor.position.y the way I refer to sprite.position.x, etc., and be able to handle mousewheel events the way mousedown, mouseover, and the other built-in Pixi functions do.
Basically I am trying to achieve a sprite which rotates to point at the cursor, and can be moved with WASD.
I know jQuery can do things like this, but would using it (or another library) be overkill if it were just for this purpose, and only saved a few lines of code?
If someone could give me some advice and/or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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You don't need jquery, just use DOM mouse events on the canvas. The interactions that pixi provides are just for specific events where you need to know the actual sprite in the scene that is being interacted with. Scroll you can just bind on the canvas (or document) and deal with normally.

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