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Real-time multiplayer Game


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Hi everybody,

I'm back after more or less one year :D. I 've been very busy with a lots of universiy exams, but now I have some time, so I've decided to made this simple real-time multiplayer game.

Here is the code : Real-time-multiplayer-game-with-BabylonJS-and-socket.io

Wht do you think about that?

In your opinion, the logic behind the creation of the meshes is correct?

This not the best game ever , but it is just an experiment and a way to learn how socket.io and BabylonJs can work togheter.

Thanks a lot for all the previous support.



It's my first project on github, so feel free to correct and modify whatever you want

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Hey @DellaFree, its great that more people are getting into making multiplayer games, and while there are a lot of resources on how to make one available everywhere. Most of these resources don't really tell you much details on how to make an actual "big scale" game. If you want to actually sell the game or sell a service (Like MOBAs). These tutorials and videos only introduce you on how to use the GameEngines built in solutions for networking. Im really glad to see someone stepping outside of that and trying to make something from a lower abstraction level like using Sockets. And while NodeJS is great for these things there are several things to consider while making your own game. Now If you want to make a Browser based game that's another things, but when trying to make an actual fully functional Networking game system, you have to recur to many more things in order to make everything work in a proper way.

Another thing, you really shouldn't ask people to look at your whole code, maybe if you're wondering how to do specific things, you could use snippets to get things more concise and a faster response.

About the real beef of networking, you can check this blog Game-Savvy and the multiplayer related articles (most of them), its about deconstructing game development and focusing on the system design of multiplayer games. It talks about all the things you need to take into account when making a multiplayer game., all of its moving parts, solutions and options, for both performance and costs. I'm still writing to complete the Multiplayer game series. Its all about helping people make better games, I'm a strong believer in the Open Culture. I really hope you find it useful and please let me know if you need any details on more things.

Best of luck! 

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