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Richard C

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Can anyone help with this problem please.

I have a model developed in Blender which is exported into Babylon. The model is good and imports well (with many thanks to Gryff).

However, I wish to add a water plane using waterMaterial.js and weird things happen. I have used a coloured/textured cube as an example in the following four images. 

WMCode.jpg, ie the entire code for the page

With out the reference to waterMaterial.js the result is the cube NoWM.jpg - as it should be, ie materials on 5 sides of the cube and a texture image on the top but of course no water plane

If I add waterMaterial.js reference 3rd in the list the result is WM3rd.jpg - ie the cube with the texture image on top but the standard material colours absent

If I reference waterMaterial.js 1st in the list the result is WM !st.jpg - is a blank white screen with console log error messages as shown.

Any ideas anyone please?


Richard C.





WM 1st.JPG

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The order of listing js files is important.  waterMaterial.js "subclasses" BABYLON.Material.  It doesn't really (Javascript is crap).  It just runs this function called __extends which copies all the properties from the "super" or base class.  BABYLON.Material must be put before waterMaterial.js.  I have found as with most other languages, the most important error is the first one.  They will all probably go away when the first is fixed.

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JC -thanks so much for your prompt reply. Regrettably, I'm not sure I fully understand. Is there a separate Babylon.Material script to be included in the references and if so, where do I find it. I have checked the source files from the BABYLON download and can't see a script named BABYLON.Material. Or do I have the wrong end of the stick here!!

Thanks again

Richard C

EDIT: Sorry JC. Ignore this reply I found the script and it appears to work all OK. Thanks again. RC

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Hi RC!  This is a bit off-topic, but I was concerned with the e.Gampads is not a constructor error I saw in your pictures.  I think this was an error found in some "interim" release of the framework, and has since been fixed.  I know I saw it happen in playground demos for a day or two (about 2 weeks ago), and then it went away.

So... just possibly, you should get a really fresh version of the framework, and clear your browser cache of any older versions.  No promises... just... worth a try... if you are getting that error.  Be well.

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