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In Need of Pixi and/or Three Js Dev 2 month project due 10/7


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Hello Freelancers,

My name is Dwayne and I am the technical account manager for Mass Ideation. I actually joined this forum years when I was learning Pixi 
but right now I'm contacting you because we are looking for a developer with Pixi.Js and/or Three.Js skills.
It's roughly a one two month project It's due approximately October 7th - 14th. There may be some testing/qa after for about a week.
Its a web app that takes a screenshot of a living room, the scene will be viewable by different camera views, and the users will upload images in this app. We would need to make an editable scene that allows people to pull in images then place them in the scene. Users can select from a variety of Christmas trees, pick and place photos (as ornaments), customize the background/ setting, add a wreath on the door, and even upload a family photo to hang on the wall.
If you are interested, please fill out this survey with your skills and hourly rate http://join.massideation.com/
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My apologies for the confusion... It is a roughly one month project, with a very tight timeline, see below...

WED Sep 14 - Project greenlight - Wireframe and Design Begins

WED Sep 30 - Design approval

THU - Sep 30th to FRI Oct 14th - Development

MON - Oct 17 to FRI Oct 21 - Testing

MON Oct 24 - Soft launch 

SAT Oct 29 - Public launch 




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Everyone else,

Here are more details, if you are interested Ivanix and others please fillout the form at join.massideation.com as we are trying to build a database of three.js folks.


Hallmark seeks an interactive experience where users can create personalized Christmas messages and share them with their friends. Execution should be independent of Facebook, but can be shared through Facebook.
In the build up of anticipation for the Christmas season, the Hallmark Channel is seeking an interactive experience that helps viewers create and share customizable holiday creations. The concept should be warm, friendly and easy to use -­‐ filled with great looking holiday themed art. Since the target audience is often reluctant to allow Facebook connectivity for apps, this experience should exist as a microsite -­‐ something that is simple and easy to use, and does not require Facebook log in or authorization <See special requirement request below for users who do want to use FB to upload photos >. The experience should be customizable -­‐ allowing users to bring in personal photos, add in names or personalized messages -­‐ and the final creation needs to be easily sharable across Facebook and Instagram.
Holiday Hearth: Design and create your own personalized Holiday Hearth. Select from a variety of decorations, messages and even personal photos to include. A fun, cozy picture will be generated that can be shared with Facebook and Instagram.

Special Requirements Requested (TBD; See Functional Spec Document request)

User can log in with FB and pull photos from their FB albums; Since some users will not want to give the app permission, the user will be asked where they want to get photos from first. If they choose FB, then ask them to log in. FB only. It will be optional, specifically for those people who want to pull from their FB albums.


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