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bad performance only on android device


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We are almost done with the project and I'm testing on different device:

- iPad Air 2 

- Lenovo tablet win 10 32bit on Intel Atom CPU Z3770 1.46Ghz 2Gb RAM  Intel® HD Graphics

- Tab S2 Android 6

- S7 Edge Android 6

on iPad an Windows tablet it is usable on Android device FPS si really low it gets low to 5fps

is Android know issue with webgl, is it possible to get better performance on Android?

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Have you try the optimization tips from the doc ?

http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Optimizing_your_scene (especially the Turning AdaptToDeviceRatio off part)



How many RAM these devices have ?


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yes i already did it 

- Tab S2 has an octa core CPU and 3gb of ram

- S7 Edge has octa core CPU 4Gb ram GPU Mali-T880MP14

they are pretty high end device

not sure i compare android device GPU to windows tablet specs but the windows tablet is older and it only has 2Gb of ram and also run windows

It seems to me that BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions in some case it disable music, is it possible that to get to minimum frame rate it does that? 


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modern mobiles all have x2 or x3 resolution it is good quality for one frame but when you render live need a powerful graphics but if you can resize your canvas to x1 and scale that to correct size you see fps is up to 60 and you have good quality too  test it it can be help :)

   canvas.style.width = x1.width;
   canvas.style.height =  x1.height; 

    renderer = new BABYLON.Engine( canvas, true);

    canvas.style.width = '100%';
    canvas.style.height = '100%';

this maybe help

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