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Artist looking for work - good prices for limited time!


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Dear HTML5 Game Devs!


My girlfriend (design and art student) is looking for design jobs for next few weeks.

She can create one full set of graphics for game in around 1 week.

All designs are game optimized and scaled to your desired size by me.


Prices are as follow:


Simple graphics - $100 prepaid (best for simple games with basic graphics - non animated games)

Regular graphics - $200 prepaid (best for most simple html5 games - simple animations and/or effects)

Advanced graphics - $300 prepaid (best for advanced and/or complex html5 games - animating sprites and/or many effects)


We can create any style of work - all orders come with Adobe Illustrator work files (AI)!

If you like graphics from some place - let us know and we will create graphics in same style for you!


White Label Game creation with exclusive resell rights - extremely affordable! Please contact us for more details! (for limited time only - using Construct 2)



-Graphics are usually delivered within 7 days from order (Advanced graphics/changes can take 2-3 days extra)

-There can be slight delays - you will be informed about estimated TAT on the beginning of creation process

-Payments accepted by PayPal and Wire only. Prepaid offers comes with satisfaction guarantee (as many changes until customer is satisfied - changes might extend delivery time depending on complexity)!

-All graphic orders contain complete sets - sprites and backgrounds!

-Sorry, we accept only prepaid offers now - this is to reserve spot and keep our costs low

-You own full rights to graphics - including exclusive reseller right!



To order or if you have questions - contact us:

[email protected]

Samples of our work:









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This is good stuff. Thanks for posting images. I hate when artists don't do that.


What country are you guys working from? If inside the US what state?



ps: (if you're inside the US would you consider payment via https://dwolla.com? They charge .25 per transaction flat and i save a ton of money paying people with them instead of paypal (who take out a percentage).)

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Hi there.


We are in Poland/Ireland (Irish PayPal, we travel a lot :) )


We accept PayPal and Wires for now - when it comes to PayPal you just send full sum (100, 200 or 300) and we are the ones that will pay the fees. We accept wires as well, but those seems to be more expensive.


We will be updating portfolio every week to show what we are doing :)

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