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Found 6 results

  1. Intro I'm a gameplay programmer with 7+ years by now, Computer Science Background as well. Have work for several projects with 3 awarded indie games on steam, including console exporting experience! My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful. I've got a history with 2D games, specially within hack and slash / action genre. Best known games I've work on are Deaht's Gambit and Dungeons Souls . I have work on larger code sources, and have work on projects from scratch, I'm experienced with the specifics for different game genres. My Core strength is to be fast at prototyping and building scalable code architectures. There's a need to see where we are going by building and iterating over our project as fast as possible! Check out my portfolio ! Skillsets +AI (steering behaviors, machine learning if needed) +Will keep code elegant as best as I can +User interface HUD/menus production +Procedural Generation +UE C++/GMS/C#/Phyton/Lua +Strong Project and Game Design Documentation +Experience with several Gameplay systems +Experienced on hack and slashs and text based games/features +2D Shaders/Graphic fx Contact I'm looking for a project worth pursuing, I do remote job but I'm willing and able to move for the right project. Hit me up Discord: TheRedPixel#3833 Email: [email protected] Twitter: Twitter.com
  2. Hey, I'm Andrew. I've been making games for 7 years now and have experience on the programming and art side of things. I can do art for all aspects of the game - characters, backgrounds, GUI, logo, promo material or any other specific asset you may need. I can also do a range of art-styles to match your game's theme and design brief. I work at £13 per hour but can work at a fixed price too if you have an asset list. I'm a fast worker and good with deadlines and will do a few test assets for you before you commit to me so you know what direction I'm going in. Below is a collection of my art, If you have any inquires or want to see more examples you can message me on here or email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you soon ? One of my games RabbitShark: Some free assets I made: And the logos from some of my games: Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi devs! I am an experienced music producer with over ten years experience making music and hold a music degree with other music production qualifications. I have made music for indie games and bigger titles such as Sega's Alex Kidd In Miracle World 2, a homebrew game for the Master System. I am very flexible and open to negotiations. I work via Paypal. I hope to hear from you!
  4. Hello fellow game devs! I'm a musician/composer and dev myself. I recently uploaded a bunch of new audio assets to GameDevMarket. Many of the sound effects are free and the audio clips and music is cheap to license. Here's my profile on GameDevMarket: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/BideoWego/ Check it out! Hope you link my tunes
  5. Hello! My name is Florin Gusa and I make web games and tutorials for a living! I am the creator of one of the most popular and free video tutorials on YouTube covering Phaser. These tutorials have helped thousands to make their dream game. I am able to show full understanding on certain topics and work with other people efficiently I have now over 2 years of experience in using Phaser and have closely followed the development and forums since. I am able to make mobile and/or desktop games that run efficiently using Phaser. I work relatively fast and efficient. I have taken part in multiple game jams, here are some of those games that I have made in less than 48 hours Here is my most recent project, StackQuest You can contact me via email. I respond usually within a day. [email protected] If I do not respond that means I'm already occupied with something, but don't let that discourage you! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  6. Dear HTML5 Game Devs! My girlfriend (design and art student) is looking for design jobs for next few weeks. She can create one full set of graphics for game in around 1 week. All designs are game optimized and scaled to your desired size by me. Prices are as follow: Simple graphics - $100 prepaid (best for simple games with basic graphics - non animated games) Regular graphics - $200 prepaid (best for most simple html5 games - simple animations and/or effects) Advanced graphics - $300 prepaid (best for advanced and/or complex html5 games - animating sprites and/or many effects) We can create any style of work - all orders come with Adobe Illustrator work files (AI)! If you like graphics from some place - let us know and we will create graphics in same style for you! White Label Game creation with exclusive resell rights - extremely affordable! Please contact us for more details! (for limited time only - using Construct 2) FAQ: -Graphics are usually delivered within 7 days from order (Advanced graphics/changes can take 2-3 days extra) -There can be slight delays - you will be informed about estimated TAT on the beginning of creation process -Payments accepted by PayPal and Wire only. Prepaid offers comes with satisfaction guarantee (as many changes until customer is satisfied - changes might extend delivery time depending on complexity)! -All graphic orders contain complete sets - sprites and backgrounds! -Sorry, we accept only prepaid offers now - this is to reserve spot and keep our costs low -You own full rights to graphics - including exclusive reseller right! To order or if you have questions - contact us: [email protected] of our work:
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