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wrong window.innerHeight with Firefox 26 (android)?


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I have a problem with the latest firefox (android) release. I seems that the innerheight is wrong and reports the size of the whole window without the adressbar - but the adressbar is still visible...


e.g. s4 in landscape mode:

starting game with innerheigt 287 (seems okay)

than I am getting a resize event and now the innerheight is 335 (would be correct if the top/adress bar disappeard, but it is still there...)

(using <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">)


Maybe the error is somewhere else and my code is wrong but it works for chrome, stock browser and safari (ios)...


Thanks, alex

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Yeah, I got a similar issue



no one gave me any clues, I suspect is is to do with the scaling/zooming being worked out in some 'virtual pixels' way, I had a few problems with absolute positioning of html elements in FF on android.


sorry can't be more helpful, but you're not alone.

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>>but you're not alone


Good to know :)


Maybe I can describe my problem a little more in detailed:

I think the problem with the  wrong innerHeight started some time ago - maybe with firefox 23...

First I tried to ignore  the resize event. But this wasn't a good solution and I changed the body height to 'auto' - before that it was >100% because of an safari/ios issue -

So this wrong(?) resize event wasn't triggered anymore and I was happy.

But now the resize event is triggered again and causing again some trouble...

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