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Changing the size of particlecontainer


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Adding objects as long as the max size is not exceeded works. But if the amount of children exceeds maxsize the rest wont get rendered in webgl. What I would like to do is adjust the maxsize dynamically. One way would be just destroying the particlecontainer and building new one with larger size. Or build one initially that supports the maximum amount of particles.

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Good question, the direct answer is: No, you can't change the max size of a ParticleContainer after creation easily.

Normally you would just create one with the max size that you will have, I would only worry about reducing that number and dynamically creating containers if your max size seems to cause perf issues at the lower size. Or if you think that the transition between the two states (low max, and higher max) will almost never happen. Unless the difference between the small and large is a few thousand, I wouldn't worry about it, just do the big one always.

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