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Mixed Normals


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Is there anyway to use vertex normal data for smoothing in the blender exporter for babylon.

I just got a job from a company to create assets for a game that will be made in babylon and even thou i have experience from other gaming engines i could not figure out the pipeline for Babylon. I delivered the first model in .obj format and it worked well, but when the game designer converted the model to .babylon format all the edges was smoothed witch is unusable in this case. It seems that babylon completely ignores the vertex normal data. I have tried setting up with hard and soft edges including setting the smoothing angle for each edge, but it seems that it just smooths all of it no matter what i do.

I read somewhere that you could change some settings to force flat shading and that would be better for this model than all smooth if there is no option for mixed normals, but i cant even find that option in the exporter.

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Thanks for the prompt reply Adam, but if i understand you correctly this means that it has nothing to do with the export from blender, but is a function that needs to be added to the script part.

Im not involved with programming so that part i have no comprehensions of.

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