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ArcCamera jumping around


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When using chains of parent objects, especially with large distances, the camera jumps all over the place:


Problem kicks in just after a distance of 10,000,000.

This could perhaps be solved by utilising https://github.com/MikeMcl/bignumber.js/

Edit: Problem occurs when there's a large differential between the size and distance when using parent objects:


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As a workaround to this problem, I guess I'll use the currently viewed object as the origin, and re-compute the position of other objects, using the current as an offset. (Not ideal since it'll be calculation heavy).

Another workaround would be to play with sizes and distances until I find something that works, although taking this route will likely end up giving me problems in the future.

Thank you for your help)

Edit: Relevant information here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14761595/three-js-objects-shimmering-at-large-distances

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So it was very simple to make the change:

// Each object has it's own JS position vector
// Here we assign new a mesh position based on a subtraction of 
// this mesh's position and the new origin's position

// Save this object for use inside Object.each()
var that = this;

// Offset each of the meshes which belong to this object by an arbitrary position
Object.each(this.meshes, function(mesh) {
  mesh.position = that.position.subtract(newOrigin.position);

Using mootools for Object.each

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whoa whoa whoa, can you go back over this really quick? something is not right there is no reason for the camera to jitter given your explanation and there should be no work around.  Ill take a look at the playground you posted and see what I can find

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ohh ok I got it... why is your camera maxZ so high?

there is no point for that, set it to something reasonable, like 100 and scale your scene from there to do the ratio or size that you want.

    camera.maxZ = 10000000000000; is never going to work, in any engine.

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