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pixel art gets fuzzy when rotating (game.stage.smoothed = false)


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I've got a pixel art image of a planet.

If I use game.stage.smoothed = false; when I start rotating the image it gets fuzzy and looks... shitty...


here's the basic code that rotates the planet:

update: function () {
        if ((game.input.keyboard.isDown(Phaser.Keyboard.RIGHT) || this.mobileMoveRight) && this.gameLogic.showingMenu == false) {
                 // some other code ...

                 this.groupPlanet.rotation -= 0.003;


NOTE: the fuzziness appears ONLY if game.stage.smoothed = false;

Can anyone explain to me what is the issue and if there's a workaround?


Thanks in advance!


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15 hours ago, samme said:

If you mean fuzzy/rippled (rather than "blurry") you may be seeing aliasing.

yup - "RIPPLED" is probably the best word for it :) 

So it is probably the aliasing that is annoying me! Which makes me think it wasn't a very good idea to design a rotating pixel art planet in the first place...

As far as I understand it - pixel art and rotation are not the best buddies.

I'll just sleep it over and decide what to do tomorrow ...


Thanks, guys! You're awesome!!!

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