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ArcRotateCamera onCollide event


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Hello BJS sorcerers, I am in need of your voodoo once again!

I am using an arcRotateCamera. I have some hidden boxes that I am using as colliders the camera can pass through.

Here is the lowdown:

  1. camera is outside of the party box
  2. camera is inside the party box so it makes a little love, does a little dance, and gets down tonight and sends a message to angular "im at the party" (true)
  3. camera leaves the party box. stops with the love making, no more dancing - it only cries itself to sleep, and sends a message to angular "i left the party" (false)

I am using .onCollide to detect the collisioins between the camera and other stuff. The hidden boxes do have checkCollisions = true; I get the logs for the true event, but I never get false.

some code for you to laugh at:

scene.executeWhenReady(function() {
    _scene.collisionsEnabled = true;
    var cam = _scene.activeCamera;
    cam.collisionRadius = new BABYLON.Vector3(1, 1, 1);
    cam.checkCollisions = true;

    cam.onCollide = function(collidedMesh) {
        if (collidedMesh.obj_type == "locations") {
            cameraAtLocation = true;
            console.log('cameraAtLocation', cameraAtLocation);
        } else {
            cameraAtLocation = false;
            console.log('cameraAtLocation', cameraAtLocation);



so to recap, I need to know when the camera leaves the collision if that makes sense.

Thanks you wonderful people!


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@RaananW In your latest collision code, when collision with camera is detected, the camera will reposition itself to a new position (a mix between previous position and constraints). But if someone wants to let the camera go through objects and just receive a notification (as ragingclaw), is it possible?

EDIT: This question could be linked to


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