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Smoke from a fire


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I have put fire in a scene in a plane.  The fire cannot initially be seen until some camera animation takes place.  Was wondering if a smoke plane could be made above the fire plane, which would be seen?

The dark clouds in the mansion was the only thing I have seen which is close.  Anyone know they are done?

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1 hour ago, JCPalmer said:

Glad I waited / asked way before I got to that level of polish.  My scene is pretty large, camera.maxZ is 500.  Not sure what is going to work both far away & once closer (within vertex budget).  I did a test of a very tall flame, & it is visible from far.  Nice to have options.


You could do a simple plane with texture and billboard mode (the one that only rotates around y). Together with a LOD to change transparency.

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@aWeirdo, except for the LOD part, that is what Fire is as I have copied it. Thanks.  Changing the textures to the Fire Material to make smoke is what I was giving clue to, if not obvious for any non-english people.  If this works, I would have only 4 verts, and no cpu load.

Particles are going to be backup.

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