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Radial or Gaussian Blur filter?


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There is currently no simple method to pull a key from a video even using a container such as webm which supports an alpha channel. However, I was given this task briefly for a project which disappeared in a single day - however, I discovered that it shouldn't be that difficult (especially considering my familiarity with your skills) to pull a key by defining a color range. This was done using three.js some time ago, but the artcle written as well as the online demo provides a whole lot of insight into building such as shader and/or function.


Another viable solution I also found valuable for review and info:




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We directly support LUT in shader (Works with standard and PBR):


But we also have convolution shaders:

var sepiaKernelMatrix = BABYLON.Matrix.FromValues(
                    0.393, 0.349, 0.272, 0,
                    0.769, 0.686, 0.534, 0,
                    0.189, 0.168, 0.131, 0,
                    0, 0, 0, 0
var postProcess = new BABYLON.ConvolutionPostProcess("Sepia", sepiaKernelMatrix, 1.0, null, null, engine, true);


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