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LookAt / Rotate towards a point using only x and y coordinates


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Hi @rainerpl

We can accomplish this by making a function,

we'll simply borrow the 2d rotation parts of the lookAt function, mainly 

var dv = targetPoint.subtract(this.position);
var yaw = -Math.atan2(dv.z, dv.x) - Math.PI / 2;


now we insert it in a function..

function lookAt(tM, lAt) {
	 * tM = mesh to rotate.
	 * lAt = vector3(xyz) of target position to look at
	lAt = lAt.subtract(tM.position);
	tM.rotation.y = -Math.atan2(lAt.z, lAt.x) - Math.PI/2;

and finally we use it like this;

//mesh = Mesh we want to rotate
//target = Target point to make the mesh look at.

lookAt(mesh, target);


PG; //Click on the ground to rotate the box :)


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@HenryPeng I am afraid I don't have a good answer. I remember I tried to achieve the same when I played with this here: http://p215008.mittwaldserver.info/space/ if you click at an asteroid the ship is supposed to smoothly align with the target and then shoot. But if I remember right it doesn't always work, so I guess there is a flaw in my way of doing it. I also remember I have tried a lot of things but it was never perfect. Maybe somebody else has a good idea how to achieve the in a way that's more...bulletproof. :-/

I think those where the important functions:

 * @param rotatingObject
 * @param pointToRotateTo
 * @returns {boolean}
function facePoint(rotatingObject, pointToRotateTo) {

	// a directional vector from one object to the other one
	var direction = pointToRotateTo.subtract(rotatingObject.position);
	var distanceToTargetPoint = direction.length();

	if(distanceToTargetPoint > 0.5) {

		var axisVectorY = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 1);
		var directionAxisForY = 'x';
		var deltaY = calculateRotationDeltaForAxis(rotatingObject, 'y', axisVectorY, direction, directionAxisForY);

		var axisVectorZ = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0);
		var directionAxisForZ = 'z';
		var deltaZ = calculateRotationDeltaForAxis(rotatingObject, 'z', axisVectorZ, direction, directionAxisForZ);

		var turnAroundYAxisDone = applyRotationForAxis(rotatingObject, 'y', deltaY);
		var turnAroundZAxisDone = applyRotationForAxis(rotatingObject, 'z', deltaZ);

		return (turnAroundYAxisDone && turnAroundZAxisDone) ? true : false;


function faceTarget(rotatingObject, target){
	return facePoint(rotatingObject, target.position);

function calculateRotationDeltaForAxis(rotatingObject, axis, axisVector, direction, directionAxis){
	var axisVectorNormalized = axisVector.normalize();
	var directionVectorNormalized = direction.normalize();

	// calculate the angel for the new direction
	var angle = Math.acos(BABYLON.Vector3.Dot(axisVectorNormalized, directionVectorNormalized));

	if (directionAxis == 'x') {
		// decide it the angle has to be positive or negative
		if (direction[directionAxis] < 0) angle *= -1;
		// compensate initial rotation of imported spaceship mesh
		angle += Math.PI / 2;
	} else {
		angle -= Math.PI / 2;

	// calculate both angles in degrees
	var playerRotationOnAxis = rotatingObject.rotation[axis];
	// calculate and return the delta
	return playerRotationOnAxis - angle;

function applyRotationForAxis(rotatingObject, axis, delta){
	var pi = Math.PI;

	// check what direction to turn to take the shortest turn
	if (delta > pi) {
		delta -= pi*2;
	} else if (delta < -pi) {
		delta += pi*2;

	var absDelta = Math.abs(delta);
	// rotate until the difference between the object angle and the target angle is no more than 3 degrees
	if (absDelta > pi/360) {

		var rotationSpeed = Math.max(0.2, Math.min(absDelta*absDelta, 1));

		if (delta > 0) {
			rotatingObject.rotation[axis] -= rotationSpeed * 0.1;
			if (rotatingObject.rotation[axis] < -pi) {
				rotatingObject.rotation[axis] = pi;
		if (delta < 0) {
			rotatingObject.rotation[axis] += rotationSpeed * 0.1;
			if (rotatingObject.rotation[axis] > pi) {
				rotatingObject.rotation[axis] = -pi;

		// turn not done yet
		return false;

	} else {

		// turn done
		return true;



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17 minutes ago, iiceman said:

     * direction vector x,y,z,
     * @param x
     * @param y
     * @param z
     * @param defaultVec default direction(just you set)
    function getFaceRotation(x, y, z, defaultVec) {
        defaultVec = defaultVec || new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,1); //forward
        var v1 = new BABYLON.Vector3(x,y,z);

        var v2 = defaultVec;
        var axis = BABYLON.Vector3.Cross(v2, v1);
        var angle = Math.acos(BABYLON.Vector3.Dot(v1, v2));

        var rotation = BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationAxis(axis, angle).toEulerAngles();
        return rotation


I think it mybe a way:P


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