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I have a problem with webstorm and the internal web server


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Hello all,


I am a beginner with "Phaser" and I am trying to configure WebStorm 7.0.

I am using the internal web server of Webstorm that works well on others projects.

I am able to run the first project "hello phaser" that works well.


I have a problem with all the others examples, the menu of all the examples works well (phaser/examples/indes.html), I can see the menu with all the buttons.

But when I try to launch a file (invader for example)


I have this error in the console of WebStorm

GET http://localhost:63342/__corsProxy__/331/aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDo2MzM0Mi9waGFzZXIvZXhhbXBsZXMvZ2FtZXMvaW52YWRlcnMuanM/Xz0xMzg2OTU0OTk2MDAy 500 (Internal Server Error) Xz0xMzg2OTU0OTk2MDAy



You can see that I can not access the demo file.



Have you an idea ?


Thanks a lot

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Sounds like a paths issue, i.e.the web server doesn't ever get the JS file it needs. I'm not familiar with how WebStorms internal server works, but if there is a way to control the 'base' or 'webroot' of a project then it may need to be done and set to the examples folder.

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I do not think, it is the problem. If, for example, my source directory is not good, I can not launch the first menu And I have a (NOT FOUND) error

GET http://localhost:63342/phaser/examples/sideview.html 404 (Not Found) sideview.html


Here, my first menu is good, but the next file can not be load with a (INTERNAL SERVER) error


The address is the problem


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Hello again,


When I first launch the "general menu", the address in the toolbar of chrome is



When I click on a button to choose an example (Basic --> load an image), the address is


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