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Phaser performance research: Lumia 930


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Hello, friends.

Here's some data for you I collected during my research. I think it may be useful for somebody who's like me trying to create truly crossplatform/crossbrowser html5 game and (unluckily?) chose Phaser engine.

My game can be described like this:

  • Size of the entire game: 3 mb
  • Resolution: 640*960,
  • up to 10 small sprites on the screen, 1 background sprite - that's all.
  • ARCADE physics to process collisions between those 10 sprites.
  • Not bitmap fonts - 2 text labels on the screen.

Here's the stats I collected so far:

Game works fine on Iphone 5/6 when I use CANVAS.

Game works fine on modern android devices with chrome. Some devices fail when I use CANVAS - they prefer WEBGL. I got stable 60 fps and I am happy.

But what about stock browsers? What about windows phones? Here the results for CANVAS on Lumia 930:

  •         Phaser v2.0.7, Pixi 1.6.1 - Works perfectly on Lumia. 60 fps, buttons work, scaling works.
  •         Phaser v2.5.0, Pixi.js - Extremly SLOW. Everything works fine, but with 10-15 fps.
  •         Phaser v2.4.1, Pixi.js v2.2.8 - Extremly SLOW, buttons don't work.
  •         Phaser v2.3.0, Pixi.js v2.2.8 - Extremly SLOW, buttons don't work.
  •         Phaser v2.2.2, Pixi.js v2.2.0 - Extremly SLOW, buttons don't work.
  •         Phaser v2.2.1, Pixi.js v2.2.0 - Extremly SLOW, buttons don't work.
  •         Phaser v2.1.3, Pixi.js v2.0.0 - The game didn't launch. // That's fine, I suppose API changed a little.
  •         Phaser v2.1.0, Pixi.js v1.6.1 - Extremly SLOW, buttons don't work, scaling broken.

I prefer to use the latest versions of Phaser. But with v2.5.0 game gives me 10-15 fps as max. v2.0.7 works perfectly giving 60 fps.

So, friends, do you have any idea what happened with Phaser between 2.0.7 and 2.1.0? After the 2.0.7 version this engine gives pretty poor performance on this device.


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Well, it's getting scarier: 2.0.7 seems to be a bit unstable on Iphone 6. I'll check other devices.

I'll keep digging, but it seems I soon will be choosing between unstable but fast Phaser 2.0.7 and stable but extremly slow on stock browsers Phaser 2.5.0.

Maybe somebody faced the same problem or it's just me? I thought Phaser is the best framework for crossplatform/crossbrowser development...

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