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Lathe mesh


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Hi all,

Very new to Babylon, and indeed 3D stuff (a couple of days). I've created a lathe mesh which I'm happy with, but would also like to be able to update the shape of it dynamically. Is this possible? I may be mis-reading, but the documentation would suggest no and yes, in that there's no method for an updated mesh as there is with ribbons, extruded shapes etc. (and I think I read somewhere which I can't find now that you couldn't). But, there is an 'updatable' property on the lathe which gives me hope you might be able to!

Any advice greatly appreciated :-)

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The BJS Lathe mesh is not updatable (well, morphable) with its CreateLathe method. Actually, the lathe is just a shape around a symetry axis... in other terms, it's a tube. And the BJS is updatable ;)

Another way to do would be to use the extrusion as JohnK suggested, or a Ribbon.

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