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The Man From Babylon


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Well this little demo started when I began investigating IK rigging in Blender and then exporting to a .babylon file. But I saw a video on Youtube (in French about BJS -I think:unsure:) and it evolved from there.

The rigged figure was made in MakeHuman and exported to Blender. I then added a a simple Ik rig and removed a number of bones from the MH rig. On export, the final number of bones - 26

The scene, once loaded,  is then driven by the sound script. An audio file plays and when it is finished the camera switches and a new audio file plays ... and repeat.

The video I mentioned above suggested humour, so, I tried  ... ;)

A question gets asked - and I have no idea what the answer is. But one person on this forum does:o

Tested on XP (Firefox), Win 7 (Firefox & Chrome) and Win10 (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

The Man from Babylon

This is my 1000th post - I hope I do not cause any offence.

cheers, gryff :)

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Gentlemen, thank you for all the nice comments/posts.

As for the YouTube video here is the link:


It is not a tutorial, but rather a bunch of guys at Microsoft's Tech-Talk Days (2015) having some fun.

My inspiration came from about 30secs of the video right at the very end - see image below.

@Deltakosh is not only a great coder - but can juggle two water melons as well.:lol:

cheers, gryff :)



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