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Found 2 results

  1. Well this little demo started when I began investigating IK rigging in Blender and then exporting to a .babylon file. But I saw a video on Youtube (in French about BJS -I think) and it evolved from there. The rigged figure was made in MakeHuman and exported to Blender. I then added a a simple Ik rig and removed a number of bones from the MH rig. On export, the final number of bones - 26 The scene, once loaded, is then driven by the sound script. An audio file plays and when it is finished the camera switches and a new audio file plays ... and repeat. The video I mentioned above suggested humour, so, I tried ... A question gets asked - and I have no idea what the answer is. But one person on this forum does Tested on XP (Firefox), Win 7 (Firefox & Chrome) and Win10 (Edge, Firefox, Chrome). The Man from Babylon This is my 1000th post - I hope I do not cause any offence. cheers, gryff
  2. Normally in my animation workflow I use mocap animations, but recently I have been experimenting with IK animation (see images A & B below) Image A shows the model with all the bones (mesh deform and IK bones - 49 in total) and an animation in the Action Editor with just the bones (mainly the IK bones) that are translated/rotated to create a simple walk animation. This I exported with no special settings for the exporter - all the IK bones included. Result here Now the exporter has a special setting I can use - the "Ignore IK Bones" setting. If I use that I get this - not for the squeamish Image B shows a different procedure that I used. I bake the animation, delete key frames in the Action Editor for any bones with IK in the name, delete the IK bones from the rig (now 37 bones in the fig), then export. Result here I am curious about what the workflow should to use the "Ignore IK Bones" setting. cheers, gryff
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