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where is BabylonExporter.exe?


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I don't think so but it shouldn't be difficult to add this feature. If I remember well, the excutable uses a lib that is responsible for exporting to babylon format. You may only have to modify the code of the excutable to call several times the function of the lib. You could also multi-thread this.


P.S: still, it will be better to start a new thread

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I downloaded Visual Studio Express Windows Desktop edition, opened project and was met with an error, and this was in the output:


Z:\Documents\RockonFlash\Tests\WebGL\Babylon.js\Exporters\XNA - OBJ\BabylonExport.Core\Exporters\ThroughXNA\DAE\ColladaXna\ColladaXnaImporter\ColladaXnaImporter.csproj : error  : The imported project "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\XNA Game Studio\Microsoft.Xna.GameStudio.ContentPipelineExtensions.targets" was not found. Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.  Z:\Documents\RockonFlash\Tests\WebGL\Babylon.js\Exporters\XNA - OBJ\BabylonExport.Core\Exporters\ThroughXNA\DAE\ColladaXna\ColladaXnaImporter\ColladaXnaImporter.csproj


1.  is this the correct version of Visual Studio to use?  

2.  are there any settings / project properties I need to setup so that this will work?


Any tips / tricks / info is much appreciated,





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Great thanks Dad72, that got me passed that issue


Now, I'm getting an error that the Collada exporter/lib is not compatible with this version of VS (2013 Win desktop):




I assume this means these need to be updated and I'll go ahead and do some searching to see if I can locate something more recent and make sense of this, but I have this feeling I'm heading down the rabbit hole of hitting problem after problem.  If you have any more tips on what to watch out for, I'd love to hear it


Thanks again,



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Could someone please post the exe??  I'm running into errors on the compile with VS, and I don't have the time or the knowledge to chase down what might be causing this.  I think this is asking a bit much of someone wanting to use Babylon, honestly - 


Any chance one of the owners/contributors could post a link for down load or even add it to the repo??


Thanks for the help Dad72, I appreciate it

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