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Benchmark test Scene...


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So I wanted to start putting together some scenes that after they are done running will rate the performance of your system... just some benchmark tests and reports.

I got the first scene done, just gotta do the report now... but I figured this is a pretty fast and tailor able test... Ill do others for textures and other things and test other functions and processes but for the most part I figured this is a simple start.


#4 is everything cranked up pretty high.

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Im gonna make an report at the end, that will rate your systems performance.

Its going to be based on how many points the system predicts it should create and then run the test and compare points that are there to the points expected and the number of calculations that were missing due to the frame drop.  Which we will be able to post reports of how well the system is handling certain processes, this one is focused on just point parsing or array calculation speed.

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