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All good day from the start I want to apologize for my English. 

I need to create a pool and now I'm focused on the problem of when to make the play area. How best to do this?
What I found - a rectangular area. I also need to know where this should be done in pixi.js or physical framework (like p2.js or physics.js)
Thank you for your reply;)



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27 minutes ago, xerver said:

Pixi doesn't have anything to help you with this, it is just for drawing (for the most part). You can do it yourself, or use something like p2.js for a more "accurate" physics feel.

Unfortunately, I did not find the desired functionality of these libraries. You can not tell me about some api?

Thanks for the answer)

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On 10/31/2016 at 8:41 PM, xerver said:

Not sure what you mean, p2.js is a full physics simulation with everything necessary for a game of pool. What was missing?




Thank you for your response.
I have one question: how to use p2.js plane as in billiards (like the camera to turn down) because most demos p2.js made in the form side.

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16 minutes ago, xerver said:

There is no orientation, it is 2D. Just make a plane, turn off gravity, and start applying forces.

But the plane must specify some coordinates? For example: planeBody = new p2.Body({ position:[0,-3] });

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12 hours ago, xerver said:
world = new p2.World();
         // Add a box
         boxShape = new p2.Box({ width: 2, height: 1 });
         boxBody = new p2.Body({
             mass: 1,
             position:[0, 1],

         // Turn off global gravity

         // Keep track of which bodies you want to apply gravity on:
         var gravityBodies=[boxBody];

         // And just before running world.step(), do this:
         var gravity = p2.vec2.fromValues(0, -110),
             gravityForce = p2.vec2.create();
         for(var i=0; i<gravityBodies.length; i++){
             var b =  gravityBodies[i];
             p2.vec2.scale(gravityForce,gravity,b.mass); // F_gravity = m*g
             p2.vec2.add(b.force,b.force,gravityForce);  // F_body += F_gravity

         // Add a plane
         planeShape = new p2.Plane();
         planeBody = new p2.Body();

Thank you. You really helped me.
If you will have some free time, please tell us why, after the code block, though came across the border

When I commented code width the plane, everything looks good.



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